Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

Open House Tips for Sellers Who Want to Host the Perfect Showing

When selling a house, open houses are one of the classic methods real estate agents and homeowners use. As a seller, hosting a successful open house can leave a lasting impression on prospective buyers and help get your property off the market faster. Homes showcased through open houses sell for an average of $9,000 more and stay on the market for about a week less.

As with any selling technique, some strategies and tips can elevate your open house from a regular event to a truly exceptional one. Are you considering a home sale and wondering how to optimize your process? Let’s look at the factors that make for a successful open house.

Facts about open houses

Even in the age of remote work and Zoom calls, the open house remains a viable option for home sellers. Especially in the luxury market, potential buyers want a firsthand experience of the home they will eventually buy.

Open houses appeal more to those who have previously purchased homes than to first-time buyers. Moreover, open house events are especially attractive to luxury buyers with more financial means and thus higher expectations. As you might expect, open house demographics skew toward buyers aged between 25 and 44. If selling a luxury home in an excellent neighborhood, you will likely field interest from coupled individuals and families.

Crucially, people in the market for a new home are more likely to attend open houses than those aiming for pre-owned houses. That trend indicates buyers want homes to appear newer, fresher, and as neutrally decorated as possible.

What to know before organizing an open house

While open houses are popular, they aren't the main reason homes get sold. The so-called “sales funnel” for real estate often begins online, where most buyers initiate their home search. If your house is publicly listed, anyone could theoretically walk in at your open house.

When prospective buyers decide to visit an open house, it pays to have your listing agent supervise the interaction. It can be challenging to monitor open house attendees and filter the ones who are merely curious locals. A competent agent can emphasize your house’s strong points while gauging each buyer’s level of interest.

10 strategies and suggestions for home sellers

Your friends at The Muske Team have compiled a list of ways to make the most of your open house.

Prep your home for visitors

To make that first impression count, give your home a facelift. After deep cleaning, consider repainting walls with neutral tones that appeal to a broader audience. Check for any repairs, no matter how minor, from fixing leaky faucets to replacing burnt-out light bulbs. Remember, little details could be a deciding factor for some buyers. Adding flowers or potted plants by the front door enhances the home's aesthetic and emanates freshness, creating a welcoming ambiance.

Promote cleanliness and organization

While clearing out personal items, think about the flow of each room. Rearrange furniture to create open pathways and ensure rooms aren't overcrowded. If your home has been lived in for many years, consider renting a storage space to keep non-essential items. Remember, an organized home hints at well-maintained interiors, giving potential buyers the peace of mind they often seek.

Spread the word

Beyond the usual real estate websites and signs, your agent should leverage social media platforms to advertise your open house. Posting attractive photos and details of the open house on Facebook, X, and Instagram can generate buzz. Encourage friends and family to share these posts, increasing the reach exponentially. Hosting a virtual tour before the open house can also pique interest and drive more visitors on the day.

Let the expert lead

Your real estate agent knows the ropes. Trust them. They can highlight the home's strengths, downplay weaknesses, and answer tricky questions with diplomacy. Their expertise is especially crucial when handling critical discussions about property history, price justifications, and neighborhood demographics.

Act swiftly

Timeliness is paramount in real estate. Respond promptly to inquiries, schedule follow-up viewings, or address concerns as soon as they arise. A proactive approach can signify eagerness and make the difference between closing a deal or missing out.

Consider private showings

Private showings offer a personalized experience. It's a quiet, pressure-free environment where buyers can take their time, ask questions, and visualize living in the space. Sellers can also use this opportunity to highlight specific features they believe appeal to the particular buyer.

Document everything

It’s not just about keeping a record of attendees. Request visitors to provide feedback on the property. Were there features they particularly liked or disliked? Their feedback could offer actionable insights to make the house more appealing for the next open house.

Use digital tools for sign-ins

In today's tech-savvy world, a digital check-in provides a seamless experience. It also enables easy follow-up through email campaigns or personalized thank-you notes, fostering positive relations with potential buyers.

Offer light refreshments

A simple spread of cookies, tea, or coffee can go a long way in setting a warm, homey atmosphere. It encourages visitors to linger, giving them more time to fall in love with your home.

Have informational materials available

In addition to brochures about the property, consider creating a neighborhood guide. Highlight local schools, parks, restaurants, and shops. Showcasing the amenities and lifestyle of the area can often be just as influential as the house's features. After all, potential buyers aren't just purchasing a home — they're investing in a lifestyle.

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