Selling a Home in White Bear Lake

Selling a Home in White Bear Lake

The calm shores of White Bear Lake beckon to buyers interested in serene small-town living right outside the Twin Cities. Sellers can count on buyer interest when preparing their properties to sell in the area. Here’s everything a seller needs to know about selling a home in White Bear Lake.

Preparing Your House to Sell

Before listing a property, sellers should prepare their homes to appeal to buyers in the area. Sellers should partner with an agent as they’ll have a recent understanding of what buyers are interested in and will help sellers prepare their home accordingly. Agents can also competitively price and time a home sale.

Determine Your Home’s Value

To decide if it’s the right time to list a property, sellers should determine their home’s value. If a home’s value is low, then a seller may not have enough home equity to pay off the remaining mortgage debt and closing costs through a sale’s profits. To increase a home’s value, sellers can consider making valuable upgrades like minor kitchen and bathroom renovations. Knowing a property’s value also helps sellers price their listing accurately so it doesn’t linger on the market.

Interviewing Real Estate Agents

Sellers should always partner with a local real estate agent that they can trust throughout the home selling process. While interviewing agents, a seller should ask questions that clarify a professional’s area of expertise, level of success, communication style, and other skill sets like marketing and negotiation. Also, ask for recent references from satisfied clients to better understand an agent’s style. Sellers should feel like they can contact an agent whenever concerns or questions arise.

Staging Your Home and Taking Photos

Prepare a property for an online listing by staging the interior and exterior. Start by deep cleaning and decluttering all areas of the home, as this shows buyers the property has been well-maintained. Then, redecorate using light and neutral tones. Sellers should focus on high-impact rooms first, like the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom. In areas like White Bear Lake, where the outdoors is a major amenity, amp up the curb appeal by maintaining landscaping and storing any décor.

Selling Your Home

Selling a home in White Bear Lake may be as short as a month or as long as three or four, although most sales average just over two. During this time, a seller’s agent lists and markets the property, sellers weigh the pros and cons of offers, and buyers and sellers close on the property.

Listing on the MLS

To boost a home’s visibility, an agent lists the property on a local MLS for other buyers’ agents in the area to see. MLS listings also end up on large public platforms for buyers to find in an individual search. This is an invaluable tool as many buyers start their search online. A good agent opens up all available avenues for interested buyers by providing virtual tours, scheduling home showings, and planning open houses.

Cash vs Traditional

As marketing takes effect and buyers start finding a seller’s listing, sellers should prepare for offers and the negotiation process. Buyers may make cash or traditional offers, which both have their own advantages. Cash offers appeal to sellers who are interested in less financial risk and a faster closing time. Since buyers already have the money available, fewer contingencies and no home appraisal are needed for a cash offer. However, traditional offers are usually higher priced and can be useful for sellers who need extra time to pack or close on a home purchase.

Closing Steps

Sellers should set aside funds before selling a home in White Bear Lake for closing steps. Many buyers order a home inspection to rule out any serious issues with the property as well as a home appraisal to finalize a mortgage. If issues arise with any of these, a seller may need to renegotiate the offer. A real estate agent can help predict closing costs, which typically include expenses related to title service fees, transfer tax, and recording fees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Selling your White Bear Lake Home

Even after reviewing the information above, it’s normal to have more questions about selling a home in White Bear Lake. Here are quick answers to common concerns sellers may have.

How Can I Sell my White Bear Lake House Faster?

There are a few ways a seller can speed up the sale of their home. First, choose the right time to sell based on market conditions and seasonality. Wait for seller’s market conditions or when buyer demand is higher than the housing supply in the area. A seller should also price their homes competitively, so it doesn’t linger on the market. If speed is the priority, sellers may even consider underpricing a property for a quick sale.

Is Staging My Home Worth It?

Yes, staging is worth it. A NAR study found that staged homes were easier for buyers to visualize as their own, that home staging decreased a listing’s market time, and that staged properties received higher offers more frequently. Sellers unsure about the effects of staging should take the time to make their home picture-perfect.

Can I Sell my White Bear Lake Home without a Realtor?

Although it’s possible to sell a home without professional help, most sellers are less successful compared to those who work with agents. This is because a normal seller doesn’t have the tools or connections that an agent does, which can make it challenging to market a property, find a buyer, or price a property accurately. Buyer’s agents are also less willing to work directly with a seller which can cause a listing to linger on the market.

Sell your home like a pro

Sellers ready to list their homes in White Bear Lake should partner with local professionals like the agents on The Muske Team to guide them through the process. They’ll use their market knowledge and understanding of the local area to find interested buyers and negotiate the best offer.
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